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Starlink is raising prices as well in Europe

The message that Starlink users in the US and Canada found in their email inboxes in the past few hours may have surprised many – negatively. The email announced a price increase for satellite internet operated by Elon Musk’s space company SpaceX. Starlink gave the “excessively increased inflation” as the reason. Musk had already complained on Twitter in mid-March about the corresponding price pressure for raw materials and logistics costs. Recently, Tesla prices had risen. So now it’s Starlink’s turn.

According to the e-mail that some users shared on the short message service Twitter, SpaceX will in future charge 110 US dollars a month instead of 99 US dollars for its Internet offer. The Starlink kit with dish, cables and router will soon be $599 – a price increase of $100. Anyone who has already paid a deposit of $499 will have to pay an additional $50. If you want to get out because of the price increase, you get money back for the hardware, but only $200. Unless you cancel within the first 30 days.

But not only in the USA and Canada (increase from 129 to 140 Canadian dollars) it is becoming more expensive for Starlink users. In Germany and Austria, too, one has to reckon with higher costs for satellite Internet. According to Starlink, 629 euros plus 73 euros shipping costs are currently incurred in Germany. In October, Starlink still asked for 500 euros plus 59 euros on shipping. Austrians currently have to pay 634 euros plus 85 euros for shipping. The monthly fees for Germany and Austria are still 99 euros. However, there should also be an increase of ten euros or more here coming soon.

IKEA’s new outdoor LED lamp is also a Spotify-enabled Bluetooth speaker !

Music in the garden or on the balcony? Bring VAPPEBY speaker lamp outside and fill relaxing times with your favourite songs. The Spotify Tap playback™ function puts the music at your fingertips! Ikea has launched this new outdoor Lamp / Bluetooth speaker. At a price of 49,99€ this is not really expensive.

VAPPEBY Bluetooth speaker for outdoor use has a built-in lamp and is perfect for your garden parties and balcony dinners. It’s easy to play your favorite music from Spotify on VAPPEBY. Just press a button on the speaker and your music will start streaming from wherever you left off. Not feeling that song? Another press plays a different recommendation just for you.

The Spotify Tap playback function generates music based on your taste, if you want to listen to something else, just press the button again. 360-degree sound means that the music plays clearly and distinctly, no matter where you and your friends are sitting. The lamp gives a pleasant glow and adds a decorative touch to a table and is practical if you need a little extra light outdoors.

Use the handle to easily carry the speaker lamp wherever you like. It has a built-in rechargeable battery and is rainproof, so you can use it in any weather. Connect and play your favorite tunes from your phone, computer, or any other Bluetooth®-enabled device.

The Speaker is approved for IP65, contains a non replaceable Battery. It charges via USB cable which comes with the lamp, but if you require an adapter this one will be sold separetly.

Link: IKEA

Remote Control Baby Yoda

Feel like the coolest father figure in the galaxy with your very own remote control Baby Yoda! This cute twelve-inch Grogu includes a wrist-mounted communicator that allows you to interact and play with your new adorable friend.